Residential Fire Pit Regulations

May 09, 2023

CITY OF GLYNDON: Rules for Recreational Fires

While there is no open burning allowed within the Glyndon City limits, recreational fires are allowed and a permit is not required.  There are a few basic rules which need to be followed, per MN State Statute Chapter 88, Wildfire Act:

  1. Recreational fires cannot be conducted within 25 feet of a structure (including decks and fences) or other combustible material unless they are located in an approved container such as a screened-in appliance for this purpose.
  2. Even in an approved container, the fire pit must still be at least 15 feet from structures.
  3. Outdoor portable fireplaces made of metal, ceramic, and other like materials must follow these same rules and also cannot be placed upon any combustible materials (decks, porches, tables, etc).
  4. The fire cannot be more than 3 feet in diameter and must be 2 feet in height or less.
  5. All recreational fires must be constantly attended until extinguished.  A method for extinguishing the fire must be available for immediate use.  
  6. Please use common sense.  If it is very windy, DO NOT BURN.  Never use flammable liquids such as gasoline or lighting fluid to start your fire.  Do not burn anything other than dry wood.
  7. No open burning should occur when the fire index is at the "Extreme" level. Use caution when the fire index is at the "Very High" or "High" levels.
  8. Nuisance fires, or fires not following the above rules will be extinguished.