Permits and Licenses

ATV/Snowmobile Registration Tag - $10.00 each

Per Ordinance #177, "No person shall operate a motorized golf cart, all-terrain vehicle, mini-truck, or snowmobile on City streets, alleys, sidewalks, or other public property without first obtaining a permit as provided by the City." 

Residents must provide current insurance information for each vehicle being registered. To submit a card payment over the phone, please call City Hall at 218-498-2578 (service fee applies).

 Print ATV-Snowmobile-Rec Vehicle Permit Application |  Complete Online ATV-Snowmobile-Rec Vehicle Permit Application


Building Permits

A building permit must be obtained from City Hall prior to beginning any work on a building project. The building inspector receives a copy so the permit does not need to be posted. The permit applicant (homeowner or contractor) is responsible for scheduling all required inspections, as well as a final inspection upon completion of the project. The permit applicant is also responsible for correcting any work that does not meet building code requirements. Building permit fees are based on the valuation of the building project.

Commercial projects will require a plan review prior to issuing permits.  Please submit a full set of signed blueprints along with all information pertaining to your project one month prior to the proposed construction start date.

**Click on these links for printable Commercial/Residential/Plumbing/Mechanical Permit Applications, which need to be turned in at City Hall prior to permit issuance.

Debit card and Credit card payments are now accepted, either in-person or over the phone at 218-498-2578. Please note a 2.95% service fee will be added to the cost of the permit.

Print Commercial Building Permit Application |  Complete Online Commercial Building Permit Application
Print Residential Building Permit Application |  Complete Online Residential Building Permit Application

Print Plumbing & Mechanical Permit Application |  Complete Online Plumbing & Mechanical Permit Application
(Required Prior to Permit Issuance)

Meter & MXU Installation Requirements (Required Prior to Plumbing Permit Issuance)

Southview Addition Building Requirements

Excavation Code - Policy Statement 2019

Print Application For Digging Within City Right-of-Way  Complete Online Application for Digging Within City Right-of-Way

For other Building Permit questions or concerns, contact Building Inspector Steven Schroeder at 218-849-3618

Burn Permits - $5.00 each

Permits for open burning must be issued at City Hall, and debit/credit cards are now accepted (service fee applies) 

Burn Permit Application


Pet License Application - $6.00 each

**Updated Rabies Vaccination will be required prior to issuance.  Debit/Credit card payments are now accepted at City Hall (service fee applies).

Print Pet License Application | Complete Online Form Complete Online Pet License Application


Sound Amplification Permit - $25.00

Sound Permit Application